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Cemeteries have fascinated me since I was a child.  Early on, I remember visiting a Russian Orthodox cemetery and being intrigued by the atypical headstones and striking sculpture I discovered.  That allure remains with me today.  I never tire of exploring an uncrawled graveyard. 

Imagine my surprise to learn along the way that I am just one of thousands who are taphophiles.  Taphophilia is an interest in or love of graves and cemeteries.  I am especially drawn to the memorial art and architecture of cemeteries.  My keenest interest is finding and photographing cemetery angels and unusual headstones.

Cemeteries blend remembrance, history and art in a peaceful, but sometimes neglected setting.  I believe the past should never be forgotten and we should appreciate the heritage of all graveyards.  I encourage all to support your state and/or local community's efforts to save and preserve historical cemeteries. 

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Looking for information on my ancestors, Gordon Newton and Martha Kneff (possibly Neff). Gordon married Martha on Nov 20, 1848 in Lake Mills, Jefferson County, Wisconsin. They had at least one child, William James Newton, born Oct 22, 1849 in Watertown, Wisconsin. Watertown is a city in both Dodge County and Jefferson County. The 1900 Federal census for William shows Gordon's birthplace as New York and Martha's as Indiana.  

I haven't found any census information for Gordon or Martha, nor have I found anything other than their 1848 Wisconsin marriage information.  I'm willing to share any info I have on this elusive Newton lineage.  Thank you.  

Please contact me at arizonamoon @ gmail.com


Please contact me at arizonamoon @ gmail.com